Windows XP release date

I just posted the article Windows XP release date.

Windows XP, the ultimate Spyware product is to be released October the 29th.

Microsoft is dangerously close to crossing the line of death with WinXP. Just a week after Giga’s Rob Enderle was…

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Funny eh? Thats my birthday How many versions/patches/upgrades will there be for this piece of shit.

Zubair: Lucky man, you’ll get one as a gift. :wink:

Zilions? :+ Armando

Now all you Microsoft-haters, tell me, which widely used OS doesn’t need patches? :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me guess, DOS? … (nah, 6.22 patches 6.2)

Even Linux needs patches on an ongoing basis!!!

don’t judge microsoft based on how many patches their software needs. linux needs lots of patches also. actually no (or maybe 1 in a million) software works well without bugfixes. i hope microsoft gets xp to work with games and apps right. then i’d have a stable game os, plus a linux server workstation. yey.

Not for nothing its program developers who should get there shit straight! Its there programs fucking up Windows most of the time :r … Cant tell you how many times Ive installed programs that fucked with OS somehow or another… But Windows should be more stable and tolerable to those programs…