Windows XP reinstall

Here is my problem. I purchased an HP computer about 3 years ago. One of those where everything is preloaded and no software disk were provided. My hard drive crashed last week and I will like to know is how do I reinstal XP on the new hard drive if I have no CD’s? I mean, I do still have the legal key that came with my computer when I purchased it. Can I contact Microsoft or HP and get a replacemetn copy of XP, or do I not have any right once the machine craps out? There is got to be something that can be done. What would have happened if my hard drive would have crashed just as the warenty expired? The machine would not be covered, but I thought I owned the software. Anyone else had this happened to them? Let me know what your experience was, thanks for any help.

If no CD’s were provided, then the machine was backed up on a hidden partition on the old drive. You might get replacement discs from HP, or you might not. Won’t hurt to ask, if you were the original owner.

If you neglected to make a set of recovery discs from the recovery partition, they’ll likely tell you to buy a new copy. Non-HP copies of XP probably won’t accept your HP OEM-key. Maybe you know someone with another HP machine and a recovery CD.

How “dead” is your hard drive? Have you connected it as a Slave in another PC yet?

It’s dead. I took it to a computer place to see if I can recover anything and the gentleman plugged it in to his computer as a slave drive and he said the same thing that it’s damaged beyond recovery. I will contact HP and see what they say. It is bullshit that these gigantic computer makers can get away with this, and some how make you feel like its your fault. Thanks for those who answered, I am sure there are others out there that have suffered the same fate as me. I am currious to know what you did about it.

You are suppose to make a backup copy of your recovery copy partition when you first start-up your new computer, normally your computer is set up to request you do this. Having failed to do that, I can tell you that Microsoft are there to sell software so they will not help you in anyway, perhaps HP will accept to do so but after 3 years i doubt it. All that having failed and now that VISTA is out you can probably purchase a copy of XP Home or Pro real cheap on e-bay or from various stores.

Thank you all for your adviced. I guess I will have to go ahead and purchase the software.

I have downloaded Windows XP OEM from torrent and used my legal CD key :slight_smile:

Similar problem here…
Something has gone wrong with Windows Installer…tried several “fixes” but no luck yet.

What I want to do is:

  • Take this HD out (while it still “works”)
  • Put in the new 120 GB HD
  • Transfer my XP Pro SP2…and the rest of my software…maybe then do a reinstall which should repair the Windows Installer.

There are no installation discs, but
I have made recovery discs …2 years ago and again a fresh set near the end of last year.
I have my Acronis back-up…a mirror and a normal back-up.

Dunno where to begin…

If I try to reinstall my OS now, on the existing HD, will I lose all my other progs?

Back up your data, mailbox, address book and favorites to DVD (double check the burn) and start fresh on the new HD. Mozbackup would be handy (if you’re using FF & TB).

If you’re lazy and the Acronis image dates from before the probs, you can use that I suppose (not my preference).