Windows XP registery hack to receive security updates still works

We’ve just posted the following news: Windows XP registery hack to receive security updates still works[newsimage][/newsimage]

The Windows XP registry hack which allows users of the outdated operating system to continue to receive security updates still works.

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My problem with this hack is MS updates can cause enough problems on the OS they are intended for. Support for one that really messes up an XP OS would be non existent from MS.
It is from an OS labeled POS think about it.
I have XP as a second OS on 2 computers . I rarely use either from XP online just enough to update any software on them that needs an update . Those include malware & antivirus programs but also ones like AnyDVD HD.
I’m going to pass on using this hack.

For anyone curious on seeing an ATM running Windows XP, this person bought a decommissioned ATM machine for $9 on auction (seriously) and had a play around. Interestingly, it came with the recovery discs and a thick roll of thermal paper still loaded: