Windows XP refresh problem

Windows XP pro on a win2k domain.
When browsing folders, they will not refresh unless done manually via F5 or opening and closing the window.

IE: if i delete a file, it will remain in the window until i manually refresh. Same occurs for creating of files and renaming them.

I noticed this only happens on network folders, not on local paths.


guesses when win2k changes the file, it sends a message to any application on its OS that the filelist has changed, and they can process it if they so choose, but it probably does not send the same message across the network, as it would be the connecting computers job to poll it for the files in the directory?

there is a service that is responsible for this, some people disable it or put on manual. I think its called computer browser…not sure. Look through and see whats enabled and started. If it is enabled then perhaps its something else.

@xtacydima : Thanks for the reply. Couldnt find the service Computer Browsing or anything simular. The other factor i noticed is that its intermittant in the same session. It may misbehave for 5 or so minutes, then it will work properly, then misbehave 5 minutes later. No services are started or stopped (manually anyways) and no rebooting.

Already searched MS Knowledge Base, no help. Perhaps i should try a re-install, it doesnt seem like this is a common problem.


Huzzy - You aren’t alone on this, but you seem to be one of the few people I could find describing this same type of problem I’m having. My situation is not over a network, but I’m having the same situation in XP file windows as you described - it’s an intermittent problem with the screen not refreshing/showing changes made until done manually. Have you found anything new on fixing it/what causes it???


Wayne, sorry for slow reply.
Yeah, i found a solution…upgraded Win2k server to 2003. (after exhausting every possible solution)

Sorry i couldnt give better new.