Windows XP RC2



I just posted the article Windows XP RC2.

NaTaN[XP] used our newssubmit to tell us, that new version of Windows Xp has arrived.

let’s see how long it takes before it hits the streetsSource:

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It has been on since Sunday doodz: Windows XP Pro Build 2526 (RC2) w/autopatch


LOL why does M$ bother with all this protection crap it blatently does not work for maore than about 2 days :4


I’ve seen it already on many boards. :4:4:4


I upgraded my RC1 to RC2 yesterday :9


SaTaN? How did you do that upgrade? :stuck_out_tongue:


anyone tell me where to get it please


gkotse, just installed RC2 on top of RC1. So far I haven’t seen any differences.


Main difference is stability issues resolved. RC1 has always been stable for me but some people had issues most are being solved by latest release though.


Does anyone have a key for this?


I downloaded the RC1 can’t get nothing to work with it,printer,mp3 player,controllers,you name it.anybody else have this problem? To hell with xp wheres the drivers?


Hi guys! If I were you, I would wait for the final version of windows xp! There probably won’t be any problems anymore!!! I like this operating system very much but I am waiting too!


I have RC1 installed. cracked of course. The crack was done by heavy metal. I have RC2 but I want to know whether or not it will mess up the crack if I upgrade or whether the crack will work on RC2 as weell. HELP!!