Windows XP protection already hacked



I just posted the article Windows XP protection already hacked….

kgb used our newssubmit to tell us that he already found instructions to install Windows XP, without using Microsofts registration services. You will also need a serial we have removed this part,…

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We all would never want to download Windows XP from a obscure internet site, long before the oficial release. We really rather wait until we can buy it from a store therby having a copy of the manual aswell. That will contain the serial number you left out anyways. DiONiX :wink:


What’s the real name for this windows version??? Windows Whistler or win 2001 or something??? :frowning:


Windows XP is its real name. Whistler was its “Code Name”. my guess is that it will be as buggy as ME. Gooooooo Micro$oft !


Bill whiiiiiiiistling in the rain…Just whiiiiiiistling in yhe rain…


Windows XP is the :r Offical name now.


Windows XPlode :d


actually its a pretty cool OS its pretty stable and there aren’t many bugs… the only problem was the one i had was beta 1, which had no support for my ATI Radeon when i got it so i had to stop using the OS its nice though i plan on buying it when it is released :stuck_out_tongue:


NO,NO,NO! Windows XP means Windows eXPired! :stuck_out_tongue: eXPired is not sold as a product but charged as a service where you will be required to renew(?) if you wish to continue to use it. :r


probaly windows xtra pathetic just like winME


The XP in Windows XP and Office XP stands for ‘eXtreme Programming’. If we want Microsoft to do any more extreme programming than they already do is a contested matter. :wink: And no, it’s not unstable like Windows ME as it’s built on a codebase similar to Windows NT/2000. It’s also not as bloated as Windows 2000 Pro. In fact, 2 days into beta testing it, I must say it’s probably overall the best OS I have seen, Linux included, because: It’s fast It’s stable and solid It’s easy to install It’s easy to use It’s extremely configurable However, the darn registration scheme is pissing me off…


Well, I downloaded Win XP Beta 2 Build 2485 from an IRC server…” channel And got up to the Win XP Activation Bullshit :frowning: …which I couldnt pass. however; i found a way around it! :4 1. Boot in Safe-Mode with Command Prompt 2. Log In as Admin (of Course) 3. In Dos-Prompt windows type “explorer” <enter> 4. Type “Exit” you’re in… However you are only in safe-mode…but you can check the stuff in windows xp, and even run regedit if you need to… NOTE: You can change the shitty 640x480 display to anything else, as well as the color depth! ================================== If this post works for you, well then thank me! :slight_smile: Windows XP Sux…for now! ================ :+