Windows xp Professional password

Does any onw now how to get the administrator password from windows xp professional? You have to log onto a network and you must have a user name and a password. You see I work a local school as an IT Technison just started, and i have forgot my password i don’t want to tell them becuase i may lose my job, any help grately thanked.

P.S I cant downlaod any thing onto the computer becuase i can not log on.

Moved it to here…you should know by now that technical questions do not belong in the Living Room forum…

Furthermore, this appears to be a cross post.
You have been here long enough to know our rules, so please respect CD Freaks by respecting our rules.

Next time you disrespect our rules, you will face a week’s sinbin.

So therefore you ask complete strangers how to hack a local school network computer. Pardon my huge cynical reply, but you are not a great techni-son.
Go learn about Hiren’s Boot cd and stuff like that. Come back when you’re educated.

Are you cross-posting ?

If the company you work for is dumb enough to fire an employee for forgetting a password, it’s time to look for a new job.