Windows XP Professional Multilanguage


I am an owner of the German Version of WinXP Professional. Is there any known way to switch the complete system to another language ( English ). For example replacing some file or something else. I don’t want to buy the multilanguage version.



Highly doubt this would result in a legal answer. If you don’t have a license for a multilingual version, I doubt you can make it one by other means.

Thread closed.
However, if you (or anyone else) can convince me this can be solved without breaking copyright laws or EULAs, please PM me and I’ll reopen this thread.

Well I opened the thread again, as I know there are official MS language packs for Windows XP available.

I don’t know how to obtain them; I wouldn’t be surprised if they are only available to corporate users, msdn users etc etc…

i’m not sure but i think the langage packs are for the english version only and translate most (not all) of windows into some language that doesn’t have a “real” translation available.