Windows xp professional group polices

Does any one know when you set a restriction in the group police i.e disable control pannel. Who does that apply to? Every one? Administrators?


depends on if you set this option under the computer-configuration or the user-configuration (don’t know the english terms for it, as i’m using german OS)

I am using the uk version. I need to know becuase I am going to let my son use my computer and i want to put many restrictions in place, does any one have any more help?


Just set him up with a “User” level account :wink:
That way he can customise his desktop / etc without affecting your account :wink:
But he can’t install proggies, or drivers / etc.

In group policies, you can define your own groups, and then apply those policies only to particular groups.

By default, windows defines at least 5 groups (from memory).
System, Network, Administrators, Power users & Users.

There’s also a few others like backup operators & whatnot, which often aren’t required, but you can define your own groups and assign users into those groups. nce you’ve got everyone else into the group, you can then start applying policies. Just be careful. Some settings have wider implications than you think. Burning applications in particular.

I have posted a pdf file, with a manual for gpedit. The link is:
I hope you’ll find your answers there.

after you set it up, make sure you view the effective permissions for your sons account…