Windows XP Professional ~ CRACKED ~

Can you imagine that? :rolleyes:

Monday, September 03, 2001.

Today, I received a copy of Windows XP Professional (from confidential source of course :)). Anyway, the first thing in my mind, is this a beta version of what?

So, loaded it into my cdrom, get this cool winxp installation guide, and off i went. Waited maybe 30 minutes just to get everything setup.

You know what’s amazing? This version ‘looks’ like the final English version of the professional Windows XP. Another thing that raises my concern, NO PRODUCT ACTIVATION or anything like that required or even asked! OMG! :D. I mean, I bought the Office XP version and IT ASKS for product activation, but not this one!

I know that the official release of WinXP is mid-October. If XP can be cracked so easily, I’ll be damned, all the hard work Redmond have put and invest is just going straight down the bin.

Anyway, I installed my XP in a different drive, so my previous Windows 2000 isn’t erased. I just logged in and uninstall this ‘cracked’ WinXP.

Pretty cool, and creepy…

Unfortunetly, under the rules of Forum Member Club, it is strictly prohibited & forbidden to post any additional informations about this ‘Cracked’ version. You’ll just have to find your own way to be able to acquire it.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

You can not poast direct links as where to downbload it, though referring to a site where one can find it is not illegal.

A full description of how to circumvent the protection is not quite allowed, but it depends on the method (and possible direct links therein) if it is indeed against the rules.

Serial numbers can not be posted, for the same reasons as why direct links to cracks and alike may not be posted.

But what people do with e-mail or Private Messaging is beyond the control (and scope) of the administrators here… Though it seems as if they are hardly here anyway pun :wink:

Even you are able to find somewhere got the crack, how about a few days later. M$ XP crashes and you still need to go back to their website to download their patch and then they will know where are you, (and black list your cpu id) and you will never able to switch on again.



Why don’t you turn off your CPU ID then in the bios???

I’ve been using XP for several days now with no problems. Good thing I have 2 drives with 2 different OS; Windows 2000 and this cracked version of Windows XP. :stuck_out_tongue:

wathca know?

OK, but what about this? Can I use the Windows Update to log onto the M$ website and update the product? I’m sure they log the IP # and I’m curious if they can spot if you use a cracked version or not…

Nah, don’t think so.

Originally posted by jeffrey
Nah, don’t think so.

Don’t think so what? That I can NOT use it to update, or that they can NOT see I’m using a cracked version?

First of all, how do you know that you are using a crack version? Same CD Key or you buy your own winxp edition and crack it? Same CD Key users can be in trouble, but not for the cracked original XP editions.

Second of all, if you live in the US, you might be in trouble, although I doubt it.

But still, that is only my guessing, I really don’t know what will happen. I’m not a programmer myself so, don’t expect good answer from me.


perhaps it isn’t the cracked version at all there is a version without registration. this version was only and strick only for some large companies. It leak out so mayby you are one of the lucky son of a bi***** that have this version.

Well people, as I know so far, Microsoft does care for piracy, but doesn’t actually care about the home user. All I want to say is this: that Microsoft care more to cut off the piracy on the markets. Cause when a store buy one or 2 copies from original window xp, and then make illegal cracked copies and sale them , then this store can make more profit. And that is what Microsoft want to prevent. But when home user, use even a cracked illegal copy, then the profit for Microsoft and other afilliates can be more. cause home user when have windows installed then he gonna buy some new software, some new ganmes, and so on. So profits can be more from companies that way, instead of make home user buy another operating system cheaper and not compatible with so many programs. A whole world of companies, with some exceptions of course, based on windows platform. Besides till now as many times as I get into windows update page never asked me for a code or to fill a registration form. And there millions user out there. can’t check them all 1 by one

Biggeo has a point!

Yeah, I think about it that way too. But I was curious if they can see if you’re trying to update a cracked copy and maybe then send you data so it asks for the activation code next time you boot.

The pro version that you have (and probably the same one that I have) is not cracked at all. It is simply a corporate release that has product activiation removed because it is meant to be installed on hundreds of conmputers at a large company such as IBM or something.

MS can give a shit about you and me copying their OS they say they do but they don’t. How comes that almost everybody use windows now a days. Well one of the first windows versions was copied over and over. So most people get familiar with the os, so when thier bosses wanted to buy some software his employees told him that they all knew microsoft windows. So the busses figured it out, buying microsoft os and give no additional training or buying an other os and give additional training. Since courses are so expensive they took the first option. Conclusion microsoft became marktleader because everone copied his version of the os. I know that they do not check their windowsupdates of win ME and win 2000 so I would be very surprised if they do a check now.

Originally posted by jeffrey
[B]Unfortunetly, under the rules of Forum Member Club, it is strictly prohibited & forbidden to post any additional informations about this ‘Cracked’ version. You’ll just have to find your own way to be able to acquire it.

Correct me if I’m wrong. [/B]

Well If u REALLY have this kind of version, I would appreciate if u would write to where it can be downloaded?!?!?

You can talk about cracked version as much as you like! As long as you don’t post direct links where to down it or post serials or direct links to cracks then there’s no problem!

Have just noticed that the rules are offline so will try to let it be fixed so you can read them again! :wink:

All those mentioned things that may NOT be done CAN be done using the Private Message system! Cause we don’t know what you say to eachother, we cannot tell you not to do there! :slight_smile:

Well that does it! I ran XP free of probs for a week now and I thought; what the heck, I’ll try Windows update. What a mistake. After I updated the sytem (only SoundBlaster Live drivers) I constantly get the “You should activate Windows within the next 6 days” message. Before that I’d never seen that message, now I get it after every reboot and running fix.bat doesn’t solve the prob either. Well, I’ve got the corporate release now so I’ll just install that, but I bet it’s the Windows Update that screwed everything up. So please beware if you have a cracked version.

M!cr0$0ft’s m0n3y g03s d0wn th3 dr@!n, @g@!n. :smiley:

WPA seems to have no effect in today’s Anti-Piracy war.

/me cries…