Windows Xp Problem

Hey, all of a sudden the shut down icon resets my computer instead, can any1 help? thanks,

i had a problem with sharing an internet connection (worked and then didn’t) so i put in the disc and on the windows install menu did an repair install whiched fixed the problem and did not force me to reinstall anything or lose any data

It would help if you enclose more information on your PC, what kind of hardware do you have, what did you install last (after which install did the problems begin)

The better you describe your situation, the better people can help you

Got rid of Easy CD Creator 5.2 and everything is working now, has any1 else had problems with ezcd5 and winxp?

aha, have u checked all of your power management tools in Control Panel. Also have u wired up your Motherboard properly and is the bios set right also give us some more info about ur comp god damn it!