Windows XP Problem



My daughter has a acer ASPIRE T120E computer which I bought about 2 years ago. The computer was bought from a shop with the windows sticker on it and two disc’s was supplied. One disc has Microsoft works 8 and the other has Multimedia software Gamut 2000, Application, Driver, Valued Software. The computer has been faulty for about 1 month so I decided to wipe it and reinstall windows XP. First I cant get any off these disc’s to boot up and I don’t even know if these disc’s are what I need.

If these are not the right ones can I restore the computer back to how it was when I bought it or use any files or programs on the computer to make a CD that will do that.



This is not a hardware problem so I’m moving this to the General Software forum.


It seems that you were not supplied with an xp disc, however there may be a hidden partition on the hard drive with the necessary files. Look for recovery in the start menu or boot from a floppy and do a search through the directory’s.


I will start and look for files for recovery and hope i find something. I have no floppy fitted and how do i do a search through the directory’s please.


You will have to get a bootable cd from a friend or if the machine will boot from the USB port perhaps with a memory stick.
Have you been back to the shop and asked for an xp or recovery disc?
Also what exactly is the problem with the machine?


The guy who built the computer uses our local stationary shop to sell and build his computers. He is only there a couple of hours a day and I haven’t managed to get hold of him yet. To be honest I thought it might be something that would be an easy fix but I’m struggling. When I bought the computer I asked for the disc and there was a good reason why I didn’t get it. I’m starting to think that its on the computer somewhere.

Can anyone tell me what I386 file is for as there seems to be quite a lot of files in it and that seems to stick in my memory for some reason.

Basically she hasn’t been keeping up to date with spy ware and antivirus software and when she has run a check and something was detected it was just deleted. As a result of the infected files just been deleted now half of her software wont work and the computer is running very slow. I’m very confident that all infected software is now clean I want to get the system back as new by replacing the missing software


I have a copy genuine copy of windows XP for another computer i have would that do to repair this copy?


That’s certainly what I’d try.


I will if its my last option but id rather not. Im convinced its in the hard drive somewhere and the guy i bought it of is ringing me today sometime. Bet he tells me to take it down and charges me.