Windows XP Pro

:bow: A while ago i read in Maximum Pc an artical about windows Xp Pro. There was a coomand that let you adjust your bandwith settings. In XP Pro there is a 20% allocation of your bandwith that is automatically put aside. I had the command to fix it. You h ad to type it in in the run box, kinda like msconfig…anyways i cant find the article that had it and i been trying to do it. If anyone know the command to open that please post it. It has to do wih the Qos. I remember that you can disable the feature that makes xp pro reserve 20% of your bandwith, but you have to go into the “setting” and disable it. Sorry its not so clear but if anyone know, please help me out. Im sure there are many XP pro users that probably have no clue. 20% is alot of bandwith to put aside, especially if your the only one that uses a pc (only have 1 pc also):wink:

Start\run\gpedit.msc\Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Network\QoS Packet Scheduler\Limit Reservable Bandwidth = Enabled 0%

Thanx alot for that link, im gonna write it wdown somewhere . That little command is so important!!!You Rock!!

However it doesn’t do anything.
It won’t increase your bandwidth or make your connection faster.

That’s true…

it would if he had more than 1 computer sharing the internet connection, though.

No … not unless one of them is using the Qos protocol and computers sharing a connection isn’t using any Qos protocols.