I have downloaded this ISO version from Devils. I extracted with Bin2iso, when I click on setup to install the menu from WinXP comes up and them when I click on install windows xp nothing happens…
Did it happen with someone???

Is there any file missing preventing the installation?
(Running WinME)

Let me first sat that I am glad you used the search function first…but posting the same question in 2 older topics and then start your own topic too is a bit too much.

I removed the other two questions and left this one open, so the discussion can be concentrated in this topic. Sorry I have no answer for you though

Do u have a CD burner and what type of file did the iso come in (.bin, .iso, etc.).

I have a CDR-Room (Acer 8x4x32) and I only have one file Windows_XP_Pro.iso
I also tryed extracting the Iso file with IsoBuster0.99 and did not work. I tryed burning into the CD using many diferent software like (Nero, Easy CD Creator5.0, CDRWin4.0) and nothing worked.

I was wondering if someone could post the list of files of Windows XP, maybe I have a missing one.

Thanks for any help.

The *.iso file is all you need I believe.
Butu if you are not even able to exrtact it with ISObuster or Winimage, then the file itself is perhaps corrupt.

TaxMan: I can extract the ISO file, but when I try to install the windows XP, the menu comes up, then when I click on Install Windows XP nothing happens, the instalation does not start !!!

Try renaming the *.iso to a zip or rar or something… someone could have changed the ext.

burn the iso to a cd and then install from the cd that worked for me

I tryed renaming to .rar .ace and .zip but did not work. I also tryed burning into a CD 5 times, also did not work. Thanks for the help any ways…

as tazie said …

Burn the ISO to a CD using either CDRWin or Fireburner and then BOOT from the CD and install XP from there !

I will work like a charm, provided you have enabled the “boot from cd” option in your BIOS ( or something similar )

Thanks to every one who took the time to help me in this topic, but I have tryed everything and nothing worked. I guess the file is corrupted and I have gave up. So, I just deleted. I will try to download again some other time.

Thanks to everyone once again…

X-MAS to you all and happy New Year !

I don’t think the DevilsOwn’s WinXP version can be upgraded from WinMe. It works fine when you upgrade or use clean install from Win98SE or Win2k.

I did roughly the same (my WinXP cd broke)

I took the ISO file and renamed it to an .NRG file which let me burn it with Nero. This seemed to make things fine.

If you have problems try restarting, or if you’re desperate, booting from the CD and formatting your drive.