Windows XP Pro Startup and Shutdown Sound Problems

Hi to Everyone,

My machine configuration is as follows:

2x 256mb PC2100 DDR RAM
Liteon 52x24x52 CD-BURNER
Logitech Keyboard
Microsoft Optical Mouse (Blue)
1.44mb Floppy Drive
300w PSU
1x 40GB Quantum Fireball ATA 100 7200RPM HDD (master)
1x 80GB Seagate Barracuda ATA 100 7200RPM HDD (slave)
Sound Blaster Audigy
Realtek 10/100 Network Card
Agere Systems 56k V92 PCI Modem
64MB Geforce 2MX-400 AGP 4x
Canon D1250U2 Flatbed Scanner
Hewlett Packard Deskjet 3820 Series Printer

I have Windows XP + SP1 and other updates installed, All the drivers for all my hardware is up to date.

The trouble that i am having is after i have installed everything i want on my PC when you click on the little icon in your taskbar for sound properties and if you click on the Volume Control Slider it beeps thru the pc speaker and not the speakers hooked up through the sound card, if you are browsing thru your hard drive and if you use the back n forward keys it does that click noise but thats about it, you can play any game you want with sound, mp3’s etc with no trouble whatsoever but its when you have the sounds enabled in Sounds and Audio Devices you can play them there but when you shutdown, restart, log off etc you dont hear anything.

Also i find that if i enable another account and then log into it i have sounds and everything but then i have to reinstall some of my progs again as they must store some info in the profiles then the sound goes away again.

A while ago i had a D-link USB FM Radio hooked up to my PC and i thought it may be that as id have all the sounds until i ran its program and quit out of it but i have removed that from the PC and formatted several times to try and find as i install the culprit program myself but it is soo hard to find it.

If you need anymore info from me just ask

Any help anyone can give me so i can fix this annoying problem is really appreciated :bow:

Daniel Rossi

you can put a default out- and input in your sound configuration folder , that should be enough to let windows understand it only must use that sound in- and output.

I sorta don’t understand what it is you want me to try could you please explain for me :confused:

in the multimedia settings (configuration screen) you can tick the option " use preferred device only"

I did that and still nothing

Havent had that problem yet, but I can play audio with out the speakers on, I dont know but, it is strange. Go ahead and laugh but Im serious.

what do u mean by u can play audio without the speakers on as in speakers actually switched off or just muted in the volume control???

go to the sound and audio devices in the control panel on the first tab is device volume press advanced then untick pc speaker.

you could even do it through audio hq’s mixer just mute the pc speaker

Okay I’m having the EXACT same problem. Good news is that since you’re getting it with a SB and I’m getting it with a NVIDIA it seems to point to a WinXP config problem. Now the question is what is it? I’ll keep looking and post if I find the solution

Elvandil (Senior Member) 3rd planet posted this on Tech Support Guy (

and it worked for my system: (my comments bracketed)

Click directly on it.

In the right pane, you will see one entry, [my system said “Restore Default Drivers”] a default REG_SZ entry.
Right-click it and delete. It should be replaced immediately with the correct value [mine stayed at “No Value Set” perhaps the correct value?]. You may get a notice that it was unable to delete all selected values, but it will work, anyway [didn’t happen on my system].

Close regedit. No need to reboot for this to work