Windows XP Pro SP2 original Version!

hello all

i do a backup for my Windows XP Pro SP2 original (french version) i buy today…

and what i see what i see :

and under the last version of DiscScanX he tell me SafDisk 2.x…

i dont undstand… some one buy the original version withe the integrated SP2 by microsoft (french version) ???

thx a lot for your reply

XP operating systems are not protected …

I thought the SP2 version was protected by Starforce. If so, then you won’t be able tro make a backup.

Correct, its just a small bug in A-Ray.

Oh ok.


but the bug its not only with aray but the other i try Protéus and he tell me starforce…

when i put all file from the cd to my HD the extraction is verly long and difficult compar to other version…

some have any idea ?

PS: i see somthing streng when i finish the instalalltion of windows with this cd and run like 5 min i have a message ask me to put the cd in the cdrom drive… if i do cancel i have the same message or ignore again same i go then put the copy of the widows and clik in continue and after its ok… i dont test more but i go to see with time because i never have this problem before with other version…

Actually the other says safedisc but this is wrong also…

the other ??? who ??? u have alink about there post ? what they tell ???


just copy it! geeze

I ment the other scan you put up a screenshot of (ie protection id)

I would agree with this try nero should be no problem

i vote copy it and see what happens…and i don’t know why Microshitty would copy protect it…as they are giving away SP-2 on CD if you want it and it says on the package to give it to your friends !!!

Do any Data profile copy, with any softwar epackage, or direct 1:1 on the fly copy if you truley do not believe us when we tell you it isn’t protected.

If it has any protection on it at all, a simple data copy will fail, especially a copy on the fly. You will see that it will succeed however… :wink:

Aren’t we all missing the point…it doesn’t matter if it is protected or not…outside the windows environment any protection should have no effect…and since you only really need the windows disk to load windows from, a simple bootable data cd is all that is required! If microsoft did protect it, they’ve just wasted a lot of money for nothing and i don’t think they are that stupid yet! lol

Just do a nero copy and you will have a working backup. :iagree:

oki thx