Windows XP Pro - Pre-View of it's CD Recording Engine

I just posted the article Windows XP Pro - Pre-View of it’s CD Recording Engine.

CD-RW Central has posted an article on the CD Recording engine that comes with Windows XP PRO. Here are some highlights:

The CD Recording Engine is made by Roxio.

The CD Recording Engine…

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Yep, it has a few faults… like only showing a progress bar with no other relevant information. I’ve already bugged the fact that it still only supprts 74 minute CD’s but that is being looked into. It converts the files in the staging area to an ISO image and burns it… but doesn’t allow you to burn an ISO image of your own… bu then again it’s CDRW function write in the OS are neat!!! :slight_smile:

Only feature I really want to have built into the OS as far as CDR/CDRW goes is packet writing so that I can write to disks as if they were drives. Other than this I dont want the OS to start trying to do ANYTHING to my disks. Just asking for trouble in my opinion. :slight_smile:

The internal encoding engine DOES allow you to burn Audio CD’s out of MP3;s, Wavs and WMA’s. You have to do it through Windows MEdia Player 8. :slight_smile:

Fuck it… Roxio (aka adaptec) with Microsoft? :o That’s something to worry about. Nero products rule :d