Windows XP patch for missing files

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Microsoft has released a patch that will prevent some errors from occurring when you copy files or folders to a compact disc-recordable (CD-R) or a compact disc-rewritable (CD-RW).

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Doesn’t happen to me. Then again, I use nero.

It seems that MS has to release WinXP SP1 soon… :slight_smile: And of coz, 100% Cloned WinXP Corp edition.

ive got a better idea …ballax to using direct cd and hey presto …you dont need this sh!te patch to patch sh!te software :4

Just wondering if this patch is meant for all users of Windows XP with a burner or just if u use XPs burning software (don’t know if there’s any that come with it)… I’m using Nero for data, so should I worry about this “missing files” error…

Hey I don’t think anyone is going to give a chance to any Microsoft CDR software to lose all data… Many of us will never belive that MS is able to create ANY SW that does not need a patch in 1 week or sooner. I see people who are happy to hear that they’ll have a patch soon when they lost all their data just minutes earlier, right ? So say no the MS CD recording attempts, we DO NOT need any software that is full with errors and their programmers who coded the “super CD recorder for XP” have never seen any CD writer anyway… Nero and other professional softwares are just enough for us I think so. (and I also wait for a SP or a 2nd or Special Edition of Win XP soon, yeah) regards, Stephen