Windows XP not recognising DVD Burner properly

Hi, I am new to these forums and have a question.

I have recently purchased an LG GWA 4161B DVD Burner, I have installed this drive, and Windows XP has automatically installed drivers for it. I already have an Iomega DVD Burner on my computer, this drive uses the same driver.
The new drive works perfectly with any CD disc in it, however when I put a DVD disc in it, movie or data, Windows (My computer) says insert disc in drive D:, but If I run DVD Decrypter, It recognises that there is a DVD in the drive and will decrypt it, and If I run Nero, it also recogninses the disc and will let me copy it.

I don’t know why Windows (My Computer) will not recognise DVD discs in this drive, and obviously due to this problem, I cannot use and DVD Data discs in this drive, because Windows does not recognise them.

Thanks for any help.



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Very little seems to be known about this drive. Firmware upgrades or any additional information about this drive should be expected (sorry). Sounds like you may need to reformat Windows. That always solves a lot of problems!

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