Windows xp 'new hardware detected' - wizard




ever since installing the Sony DW-U18A DVD/CD-RW, windows xp pops up a ‘new hardware found’ wizard whenever i boot up. it asks for the Sony hardware disc which i do not possess (or need?) because i am using the DVD/CD-RW with Nero 6. so i cancel the wizard and carry on.

trouble is, when i do want to install a new piece of hardware, my pc appears to get totally confused by my cancelling the xp wizard which is trying to install the Sony - then using the same mechanism to install something else (new driver for something totally unrelated to the Sony) - which it then refuses to do.

is it not possible to let windows xp install ‘something’ for the Sony - to stop it popping up every time i start-up; or to cancel the wizard specifically for the Sony hardware, so that the wizard does not conflict with subsequent devices, which need it to install drivers?

the Sony did not arrive with software, which hasn’t stopped me using it - but now i have an eternal wizard pop-up which i cannot resolve, it seems!

help vastly appreciated, please -



is the Sony DW-U18A DVD/CD-RW an USB drive ?


If you go through the driver wizard and it can’t find the driver, I think there is a way to disable the device or tell it not to keep trying or something like that. Maybe you want to let Windows update look for the driver. Maybe it will find whatever it is looking for. Good Luck.


hi ghosters.

the sony dvd-rw is an internal device and works like a dream

but my usb ports are screwed - since installing the sony or since upgrading to xp;

also, every time i boot up, i get the flamin’ winxp wizard trying to install the sony which i’ve already got up and running!!!





yes thanks, ive tried various things. The trouble is, if i disable the install wizard it will presumably be turned off for any subsequent hardware i need to install? I just cannot understand why my pc keeps stubbornly trying to install a device (Sony dvd-rw on Nero 6 software), which is already running and burning perfectly?

thanks again,



I also get that wizard, some times, trying to install my printer after booting PC. I just cancel it till next time.