Windows Xp multi session

using windows Xp to burn a new file to CD I have managed to loose the files already on the CD. Using Nero I can identify that they are “still there” but using explorer they can not be seen.

Does anyone know how I can salvage the files that can not be seen - copy somewhere else ?

found my own solution - isobuster – why is multisession such a pain ?

do yourself a favor and use a normal burning software like the rest of us
nero is excllent , anyway usally when burned properly you should also see the files from the previous session the problem is you burned the new session without importing the previous anyway multisession aint a good thing you loose about 25mb for each session alot of space you could have use in a onetime finalized burn

xp’s native cd burning ability does not support multisession. for a good free burner of multisession try ht fireman

Perhaps I used the wrong terminology. what I meant was the ability to right click on a file and then “send to” and burn to a CD. Most of the time this works and I use it to quickly " transfer" files from one pc to another. loading Nero and checking the relevant files takes too long for a lazy person like me. Everyso often “sending to” fails - I think it may be because of different burners on different machines. Anyway ISObuster restored all data.

Will take a look at Fireman - thanks

Thanks G)-(osters

Downloaded ht Fireman and burned a 3 gig image. Have removed Nero. I can see no way to set the burn speed. Is this determined automatically ? I used a spare Ritek and somehow managed to get an ok burn

at the moment ht fireman has no burn speed settings. but it is in development - they add new features about once a month or so, so maybe in future. nero is better by far, and it will save you time and money in future to use a good burning app

[QUOTE nero is better by far, and it will save you time and money in future to use a good burning app[/QUOTE]

I have always like Nero but a problem I only noticed when I removed Nero and did a registry clean out was just how bloated Nero really is - far too large – far too many sub programs.

I will probably re-install but will see if there is a minimum installation.