Windows XP Movie maker...HELP!

Ok so I went ahead and made a little show using windows xp movie maker. I used just a little narration and pictures, added some titles and such. I want this to be able to play in my home DVD player. So I went ahead and saved to cd and I put it in my home dvd player and NOTHING. It didn’t read it. Please insert disk. So I then looked at the file type which is “windows media audio/video file”.

Hey the cd plays fine using windows media player. I would liek to be able to play it on my home dvd player. What do I need to do ?

thank you

ok let me ask something else. I was just now able to get the movie that I made in WMM onto a cd and it did in fact play in my dvd player so the above asked question is answered. However let me ask this.

I have another post in a different forum asking how I can capture a portion(s) of a dvd using wmm. The clips are all on many different dvds an I would like to take several clips off of them and make one movie out of it.

Question #1: Is wmm capable of composing a movie but using video clips ? I do believe this is possible.

Question #2: If I can do everything that I mentioned above and say I have 40 different clips each ranging between say 5 and 30 seconds, can I have them run into each other ? I don’t want to have like dead screen in between each clip.

The bigger question is how can I get the parts of the dvds onto my computer and then use wmm to make one large movie ? of video highlights.

I hope everyone understands what I am trying to do here. If not let me know and I will try to explain it better.

thank you