Windows xp movie maker file info please

so what am i missing :a <banging head off key board>
using a cyber shot camra i made a short movie"movie image mpeg movie" ,downloaded to h.d imported to windows xp file maker added credits etc :smiley:

the properties tag on this masterpiece :bow: is blip blip blank:( .all it will play in is windows movie maker. tried ati version 7 file player and get .
“r manger”
“error: could not open file. mswmm”
it started as few mpgs added some credits and foot notes and a mp3 back ground sound that goes with the sounds and moving pics in mpg so i havent changed that much !

yet all the clips that make up this masterpiece will play in any mpg player
as in properties its listed as an mpg

the phone a friend life line question is thus…
what "file " do i have and whats the first step to getting it to play on a stand alone dvd player
(ok so im going to win two mill not one )

Damn , get a grammar course dude/mylady :bigsmile:

If you have the latest version of movie maker and windows media player 9 (along with its nice codecs) you may be facing a Digital Rights Management problem.

Have you actually exported it to a movie (.WMV) file yet? I’m pretty sure Windows Movie Maker only exports to WMV and AVI, but you can convert them later on.

to all that took the time to post back,
huge thank you for your inputt:bow: :bow:
it’s nice to know how helpful Mr Gates is :rolleyes:

Thank you for starting me on the way at least i know what file i have to start with!!