Windows XP (MCE) sees blank DVDs as CDs

It was only noticed today but may have begun many days ago. This Media Center Edition system has worked smoothly all along, through a number of upgrades and additions.

Drives: LiteOn 165H6S and Sony DRU-810A

Problem: Insert any blank DVD and it is seen as a blank CD by WinXP MCE and Nero Recode 2.
– HOWEVER, Nero 7 itself will not have a problem recognizing it and burning it properly.

Background: Swapped/upgraded HTPC software packages recently. Among these, Nero 6, Sonic (patch for MCE), TheaterTek, PowerDVD.

The implication is that a software interaction may have caused it. I suspect something with the Sonic software could be at work. Hopefully someone will have a hint to offer.

This is a ‘normal’ windows explorer feature under XP, nothing to worry about. Just ignore it or use the forum search function to find more information about it.

Yes, this is “normal” up until that point where an application like Recode is affected.

I keep searching through postings and KBs…nothing clear yet.

With my XP-Pro it’s the same. When I put in an empty dvd+r, XP asks me what I want to do with it. As it is seen as an empty cd, the suggested actions are all cd related, not dvd. I simply ignore it and close the window :doh: . All relevant applications recognise and handle the media as they are supposed to do.

:bigsmile: Leo

WHAT else should it do with an EMPTY aka BLANK DVD???
Windooze can only recognize and use DVD-RAM, not other dvd recordable format!!

I guess you’re right, but I think it’s a bit confusing. Did’nt bother me though, I just tried to make clear that it seems to be normal Windows behaviour.

:wink: Leo

Yes, it almost creates confusion but m$ give$ a shizzle about, so it $eem$.