Windows XP leaked



I just posted the article Windows XP leaked.

anil used our newssubmit to tell us:

Today several RTM versions of Windows XP Professional have been leaked to the net: An OEM version from Dell Computer, a german OEM version from a yet unkown…

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Leaked today? Please, they have been around for several days already… Wouldn’t quite call this “news”, sorry! :slight_smile:


Why is it, that there always is an smart ass, who need to call every news old, just because he had them first??? Why the fuck didt u guys post some days ago, instead of keeping it a secret… not impressed. :frowning:


Halleluja, I agree with No5…Nuff said…Amen! :7


Chronic your just a smart ass.:7


Windows.XP.Pro.Corporate.Final-DEVILS0WN was released 08.29.2001 to be exact, the oem version is not even wrthy of downloading


None of it is worth downloading. No ASPI layer from what I am told. Hard to rip stuff…


no5, what the hell are you on about??? I’m not part of the CD Freaks Team, so why should I submit the news? I just come here to read them and if they’re old, of course I’m going to point that out! How else do they know if they need to improve something if noone complains? It’s not my fault that you use CD Freaks as your only source for news cuz I sure as hell don’t… And strooperman, Windows is suddenly crap cuz it lacks the ASPI-layer??? Please!!! The only Windows-version that ever was worth using is Windows 2000 and it doesn’t contain the ASPI-layer either… I’m guessing you’re sitting with Virus 98 or WinMe and the ASPI-layer is about the only thing that is good about those two! :wink:


i myself don’t use cdfreaks as my only news source. but i don’t go around pointing out that something is old. why? because i have a life. slightly old news on a site is better than having no news at all. at least there are those that will still be able to read it, even if slightly delayed. chronic, if it’s old news, shut up about it, and don’t read it. get a life. turn off your computer and go outside once in awhile. the fresh polluted air will do you good.


Here we go again… How is it that everytime someone points something out, they get flamed and accused of not having lives??? Jeeesus, I have a girlfriend AND two kids, so what the fuck are you talking about??? This site is for news NOT old news, so if nobody posts that the news are old how will the CD Freaks-guys know? If I’m not mistaken, every decent webmaster wants to know how to improve their site so you are calling CD Freaks crap in other words? Now, it doesn’t happen often that the news are old but when they are as old as this one, I’m going to say something whether you like it or not! And if YOU want old news, go to some other site cuz I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who wants new stuff…


There is no problem with the win xp. It is better than the 2000. No problem also with the ASPI and burning. Just update your old 2000 to the new XP. The update works fine. Maybe 2-3 drivers to install again if are not reconized.


This is a very very old news


–This site is for news NOT old news, so if nobody posts that the news are old how will the CD Freaks-guys know? If I’m not mistaken, every decent webmaster wants to know how to improve their site so you are calling CD Freaks crap in other words?-- did i say that cd freaks is crap? u didn’t really help them by telling them how to improve the site. you only helped by complaining. fine complaining helps. but suggesting something else is even better. like i said, if it’s old news, just keep quiet about it instead of saying it’s old news. if you got something to say that actually helps, then do. if not then don’t. if you could supply additional info, all the better. sorry about the little “get a life” remark. just seen too many people on the web without one. i apologize.


chronic… now that i’ve noticed… a girlfriend and two kids? what’s the wife think about this?


Ha ha ha… I guess the kids are “bastards” then! :wink:


Pfffff, I’m running the (final) RTM over a week now. I thought everyone knew it was leaked on aug 25th, that’s why I didn’t submit it then.


Why dont people SUBMIT ‘new’ news when it comes out… This way no one bitches about old news… Obviously if you know its old news you didnt give two shits to submit it for posting on this site… :o If I could submit news I would… Now on to the next posting! :8


It’s amazing to see how we behave over trivial things like whether news is old or new. Chronic for a father why is your mouth so foul. Surely we can communicate without all this cuss cuss and trust me I can cuss. If we are trying to help the web master then why not write him directly. This reminds me of going to the movies and someone there saw it already and is talking about it.


It’s nice to know that Windows XP has been leaked, released, given away or wehatever term we want to use today. Al I’m saying is just share the wealth on where to find. There are a lot of sites with files saying it is the RTM only to find they are not as advertised. It’s getting to to be a trend lately in Kazaa, Morpheus, Edonkey, Direct Connect, etc.


DevilsOwn is not official corporate edition (without registration and timebomb). It is just cracked eval version of RTM.