Windows xp ISO



where can i download an ISO of any version of XP? i need to reformat my drive C and i dont have the original xp disc so i need to burn an iso image onto a dvd-r.

someone point me in the right direction please


Illegal downloading is a prohibited subject around here. Read through the rules again.

In the meantime, you can buy XP Home for $90 at Newegg: Here is the link


If you want something free, go open source…
Linux is all you want then! :slight_smile:


As long as this person has a legit key for it …it shouldn’t be a problem i would think.


If this person has a legit key, the simplest (well, maybe not so simple, but anyway legal) way is to contact Microsoft support to have a CD replacement :bigsmile:


Had the same problem, considered going for a 9 or 11 in one by bittorrent, but not sure if would pass WGA on a system.


When he asked for any version of XP, I lost faith that he had a legit copy. If he has a key, it will only work for the particular type he has now.


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