Windows XP Internal drive problems


Just bought a new base unit (Colossus) which has an internal CD writer (also DVD drive). It was all pre-installed and ‘ready to go’. Apparently XP has the software already installed to allow you to copy and paste files on to a CD-R/CD-RW.

I have tried this and had the following problems:

Using a CDR it shows 0mb free space and does not allow me to copy anything on to the CD.

Using a CDRW it seems to be all working fine (following wizards), I enter a name for the CD click next and it says that the CD is not writable! When I go to my computer it says there is 0mb free space.

I have tried several CDs in case they were duff, but the same with all of them.

I didn’t get the warranty cover (stupid I know) so can anyone help or has anyone had the same problem. I am not sure if I am supposed to install any other software (would prefer not to if I don’t really have to).


On Sony 12x8x32 and LG 32x10x40 it works. That feature from Win XP is stupid(it doesn’t allow multisesion). If you want help, tell us the type of your CDRW unit.

In my device manager is shows:

see >

Look forward to your help, although I am guessing it may be to get Nero or Adaptec.


There is a patch for problems with burning drive’s at winXP.


Are you using the built in Windows XP burning software??