Windows XP installer keeps poping up!

Just recently, when i click an icon or start up the computer i get a, Front Page Windows installer for XP thing poping up, and i keep clicking cancel sincei alreayd have microsfot front page. I ran registry mechanic just to see if it was a registry problem, but after finding over 1000 problems, i have no luck. the Windows installer keeps poping and i keep clicking cancel. this happened to my friends comp but he didnt know waht to do, so his comp turned into junk after a while. i dotn want my computer to be junk this early, mine is only 2 years old. does anyone know what the problem might be?

Ok if this is your problem i may be able to help. Sometimes rarely when i start MS Word or any MS office program it is says it is installing. What you do is leave it till it finishes and then it asks you to put in the MS Office disk and click OK. After that it should not bother you for a while (it might ask you again in a couple of months but have you MS office disc somewhere handy).

Hope this helps


Are you signed in as an administrator or limited account?

im in as admin account

Well I’ve got a similar problem, but it occurs only on another user account. On the administrator account, no problem. On the other one, everytime I want to open a different open office document, I get the windows installer treatment. It pops up even when I try to save a file!!! Any suggestions on how I can fix that??? I would be very grateful if I could get rid of it!

Try Autoruns from Systernals, and see if there’s a FrontPage installer entry somewhere. Unchecking/deleting that entry should solve your problem.

It would be best if the recent poster and responder created a new thread since the old thread is like 5 years old. Maybe that would get a better response and also what was 5 years ago isn’t what is happening to yours system. Creating a new thread of what is going on with your system then hijacking a old thread is comparing two different users whom might not have nothing in common with hardware and software setups…so do your part and create your own thread with you as your own OP for your own problem.