Windows XP installation driver issues


I am having some driver problems with a fresh XP Pro installation I recently did on a friends Dell Demension 4700. In short, the computer is only a couple of months old. My friend said that one day, the comp just stopped working, windows wasn’t loading and he was getting an error message “file is corrupt.” I figured it was a hard disk crash or something (it was over 90 F in his apartment the day it stopped working and he leaves the comp on most of the time). Being spontaneous he used his XP pro cd and deleted the partition and reinstalled only to find that his internet wasn’t working. So he asked me to take a look at it. I figured he screwed up installing somehow. I deleted the partition he made and did a fresh install with my XP pro cd and got the same strange result. The only strange thing which occured during the install was XP never prompted us to configure the network settings.
A summary of the driver problems:

Under device manager, the following devices are listed as “other” and have question marks by them.
- PCI modem
- Ethernet Card
- there’s more but I can’t remember right now

Basically with all of these devices xp did not install any drivers and under the device manager the model and manufactures are listed as unknown.

The only consistancy I can remember between all the devices is they seemed to all be on the PCI bus.

Any ideas as to what is going on? I know this is extremely vague but just thought someone might know what’s going on from what little description I have given.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You need to D\L drivers from dell. By using the Service Tag you can down load them all. Good luck and you can start at Dell.

Didn’t the dell4700 come with a driver install cd… Both of my dells have multiple cd’s for installing various portions of the system.

Like in the above quote, you have to visit Dell to receive your drivers. Put in your service tag, then get all of the drivers that you need. I had to do a clean install on my 600M, so I went and burned all of my drivers to a disk.

You can also d/load the windows updates & burn them to disc, which saves even more time after a reinstallation.