Windows XP Home Edition Shutdown

I cannot find “power management” in my windows XP Home. My computer shuts down after a specfic time period and I am sure it has to do with a power management setting. Unlike my win. 98SE, which I can click control panel, power management, and set everything to “never”, I cannot find “power management properties” in win xp home. I am sure I am overlooking it somewhere. Can you help, I am a novice. Thanks

Right-click on the desktop , left-click on properties , go to screensavers and there you have a button for energy schematics.

is it shutting down or rebooting. its possible a program could be crashing your system and forcing an instant reboot.

Try disabling the reboot portion by

right click on my computer. then goto properties

goto advanced tab and click on the settings under startup and recovery. Uncheck Automatically restart.

If your system is actually crashing it wont restart but show the BSOD (yes it exists in xp) with crash details

Check for the Blasta Worm virus!!!

Thank you all!!. I corrected this issue in “power options” . System stand by was set to 5 hours. I changed to" never ". You all have been very helpful, thanks again