Windows XP Home boot Problem

First off I’ve been using this install of windows XP home for 3 weeks now, when i went to restart my computer i came across an error,

NTLDR not found
press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.

Every time i’ve rebooted i get this error, and the only way to get it to work is by putting in any cd with a boot screen and hitting load from hard drive. I’ve searched and found my ntldr and it is here, it’s size is 233,632 bytes.

Then I searched my windows XP cd and it found an NTLDR on it, it’s size is 222,368 bytes. My last scan was yesterday and it was done with a fullly updated Norton Anti-Virus 2003.

I can still boot so it isnt an earth shattering problem, but if anyone can assist, it’d be appreciated. Regardless of which I’m still backing up my files, just in case.

Methinks your partition sector has been messed up. Either you need to rewrite a new one (fdisk /mbr , disk manager or some other tool that can do that) or use a partition bootloader.

Something like XOSL

i know i have to get to DOS can i have more detail?

You can use the recovery console in winxp cd.

Boot form cd, select the recovery console and the type fixmbr and then fixboot

If panos’ solution doesn’t work (isn’t very likely, this usually solves the ntldr problem), you could surf to to get a Windows XP bootdisk, with NTFS support!

Alright thanks guys I’m on my way to test it.

[Update] Sigh i fixmbr and fixboot and it didnt solve it. Oh well I was planning on formating in the next week anyway.

Just do this exactly and all will be well, fine, and dandy:

  1. Boot the computer with the WindowsXP CD. When prompted to setup or repair, choose repair. In the recovery console, enter the follwing commands.

a) FIXBOOT - answer yes
b) CD
f) COPY X:\I386\NTLDR C:\

*** X is the letter of your CD-ROM drive ***

Now get a nice donut with some hot chocolate.

–Level 3 tech support sucks–

I like this idea xtacydima, particularly the hot chocolate/donut combo. I will reply with the results tommorow hopefully.

It will work for sure :slight_smile:

Despite the apparent awesome-ness of the hot chocolate and the donut, the result is negative.

can you be more specific. this problem also comes up with a win2000 install on top of winxp install. 2 files are damamged in the process and need to be repaired. one is and the other is ntldr. the method i gave you is guaranteed to copy ntldr back onto the system. Unless you are dealing with a proprietary cd to the system in which case the files are not always where they belong by default.


I just restarted my computer and everything worked fine… how odd. I guess your solution did work, though I’m not sure why it didn’t take right away…

that sometimes does happen but very rare. i would even go as far as saying extremely rare. how about the hot chocolate and donut, did that also go well.

I became slightly confused and as a result I combined the hot chocolate and donut, which created a new drink which I call “teh dochoc”. Quite tasty.

Thanks xtacydima I’ve had that error too and fixmbr didn’t fix it so I’ll write down your solution :slight_smile:
Could you please pass me some of the dochoc Bloodstar?

No prob Airhead. I do advanced PC tech support so this part of the forums is prob a stronghold for me. Not too good with unix/linux but with any Windows O/S and such I am great on solving. I generally visit here to read the CloneCD forum but I like to give back so I look here too now and try to help others.

microsoft tech support? or in general ? either way, thanks for contributing - as i’ve finally given up on windows myself :wink:

ckin2001, just general, I wouldnt work for MS, they treat their employees horribly, my friend worked for them. Dell treats their people well, one of my other friends worked for dell for many years and was happy. Except they make you take many exams proprietory to dell only so they are useless to list on your resume for future jobs. Right now I am not working but looking to do level 3 tech support for any major company. Also wanted to take the Aplus exams for more certifications to list on resume, but otherwise its all for general pleasure. And I am glad to help other people. :slight_smile:

i’ve had this problem in the past as well, and altho i can usually solve most computer problems on my own, i was never able to solve this one without formatting. makes me wish i came across a thread like this (and a tech support guy like xtacydima) while i was going nuts. :bigsmile:

@Bloodstar007: that teh dochoc sounds pretty good right about now. :stuck_out_tongue:

actually, from what i’ve heard, microsoft treats their techies horribly - but is almost alright to actually work for, on the development side. so long as you dont code for fun, as they claim all work you do as theirs, at work or not :wink: