Windows XP has developed a fetish



Since I reinstalled Windows XP it has developed a fetish for the following url

and then goes too the windows xp update site

It doesnt matter what I change my homepage too or how many more windows I open with explorer they all go to the same page all the time.

Can anyone assist me in anyway such as how I can disable it doing this, is there a rougue entry in me registry etc.

Greetz from The Kickass Diplomat :smiley:

If it develops a fetish for MS again, I am gonna kick it:eek:


Hmmz I’m moving this one to the software forum…!

Did you try to clean your system with Adaware? You can download it from


how do you have your windows updates setup? this seems to be something goofy with that to me :wink:


Used whats left of me intelligence and sorted the bitch out. All I had to do was go to internet options press the use blank button and then re-entered me homepage and it works a treat:bigsmile:

So what a waste of time of changing me windows key;)

Ah well another prob solved and might me usefull to other members yah never know:cool: