Windows XP DVDR not working

Philips 1628P1 DVDR is in device manager (with yellow warning sign) won’t work. Doesn’t recognise disks of any sort.
Had cyberlink DVD and removed it, replaced with Nero 6 and InCD. Had problems shutting down PC. Took off InCD, used driver cleaner, PC shuts down ok now but DVDR not working.

Where do I start please?

Start by opening the case and checking the power connection to the drive, and the ide cable connection. If those are good, make sure that one drive on the cable is jumpered as master, and if there is another device on that same cable, it should be jumpered as slave. If that all checks out, remove the device (in control panel), (actually uninstall both the primary and secondary IDE’s), and reboot. If device still not detected properly, check the manufacturers web site to see if there is a (self test) procedure for the drive.


Thanks for the reply.
I checked all you suggested. Everything ok.
Removed in device manager, couldn’t find primary and secondary IDE’s in device manager (system devices?).
Rebooting detects the dvdr ok and says “found new hardware” then comes up “not working properly”.
In device manager it says “device driver missing - error 39”.
I checked the Philips site and they only have a flash software upgrade. This doesn’t work when I tried it, says “no device found”


Read this and follow the advice:;[LN];q314060


Thanks, that sorted it. Now the P1628P1 is recognised in device manager.
However, it is only recognised as a CDrom and not a DVDRw. I installed Nero and Nero only listed an image recorder and not DVDrw.

Try using a more up to date version of Nero if my memory is correct, though I admit it may not be, 5.5 does not support DVD burning and that may explain why it is not recognising the drive as DVD-RW. I have the same burner and it was recognised as DVD-RW before and after I cross flashed it to BenQ 1640, I am using v6.6.0.14. In “My computer” as chef has pointed out in other threads, the reporting of a DVD-RW as CD-RW is a bug.

I tried using Nero 6 and kept getting a “cannot run installer” error after the install started.
In device manager the CDDrive is listed as P1628P1 but only shown as a cdrom?

PS. When I try installing Nero I also get …

The SETUPX.EXE file is linked to missing export SHELL32.DLL:SHGetSpecialFolderPathA


A device attached to your system is not functioning. (Everything looks ok in device manager)


Actually it’s Nero version

I would suggest you go here and clean out Nero and start over.

maybe you should update your firmware?

That wouldn’t solve this problem.

well his computer doesn’t seem to recognize his dvd drive. so when you turn it on you get a yellow icon which is the warning sign. well my suggestion if you got the dvd drive install the driver. thats all i can think of right now.

As I said here…

In device manager the CDDrive is listed as P1628P1 but only shown as a cdrom?

So the computer is recognising the P1628P1 but it is listed in device manager as a cddrive and not a dvdr drive. The firmware installed is Q1.1. I have tried to update the firmware after downloading Q2.2 from the Philips site, but when I try to flash it I’m told that it can’t find device.
I should point out that the operating system on this PC is no longer XP but Win95 OSR2 updated.

dsdarli - I have already done a clean out using their tools, but will try again.
One question. Nero 5.5 goes in alright. But when I try to update it to 6.x.x.x. I get the errors previously mentioned. Do I need 5.5 installed before I install 6? Maybe I’m getting the install errors because the drive isn’t functioning properly. It’s all getting a bit confusing, especially as I had it working fine with Win95 before!!! :confused:

No wonder Windows 95 was never designed to work with let alone recognise DVD drives. It may be because you are trying to install nero 6.x.x.x on a 95 machine that is causing the problem with the install.

No problem, I’ll be happy with CDRW functionality.

I don’t think that existed under 95 either. My memory is not too hot but domestic CD writers did not come about until around 98 which I think is why there is 98 and 98SE. Though I will be honest and say I may be completely off base with the time line.

Ask any of your friends who have CD-RW drive to lend you one to see if 95 will recognise it.

I have to ask why go back to such an out of date and unsupported OS? The only reason I still have my 98SE disc is because my upgrade version of XP asks for me to insert it whenI do a fresh install.

It’s a vets PC. He has others that just run an accounts/stock program in Win 95.
I have done one other PC for him and that had a CDRW which works fine. I have suggested that he upgrade his accounting software to one that can handle XP, he won’t. :frowning:

All he requires is the accounts DOS program, cdrw capabilities and direct cable connection.

I did try the DOS program in Win XP, but unfortunately it’s one of those that just will not work in XP, even using the compatibility options and trying Dosbox.

I tried to install a standard cddrive from the Win 95 disk. This just gives me a yellow warning sign after installing. There must be a way to get this to just work as a cdrw, is there?
In CMOS it is set as P1628P1, should I change that in CMOS to a standard CD?

I really am beginning to hate Win 95! :a

So 95 can handle CD-RW, then tht is the drive he is going to have to buy. I think, though don’t quote me, that the writing capabilities of the drive are not being recognised because it is a DVD writer, regardless of the fact it can write CDs. You can’t change what info the drive reports to CMOS, only by cross flashing it to a BenQ DVD RW drive, but this would not solve the problem you are having.

The other track is for you to get hold of Windows Me for him. This should recognise the drive properly, and also works with DOS programmes. Win Me goes very cheap second hand as hardly anyone uses it anymore.