Windows XP Copy to DVD - can't see my data any more



Hello All,

I’m quite sure this issue has been addressed elsewhere but can’t seem to find it.

I have Windows XP Pro SP3 on a Dell Dimension 8500 with a Sony DVD R/W.
I’ve not had any issues with anything writing or retrieving to either DVD or CD on this configuration.

I went into my folders and used XPs native copy to start putting things to blank - never used DVD. I selected the files, said burn to disk, and off it went. Once it was done I opened the DVD drive, made sure my data was there, and verified I could read it. All was good.

I now rebuild the machine from the XP Pro CD. After everything was done, the million or so updates from Microsoft applied, I went to put my data back from CD.
NOTHING!!! Windows XP won’t read the first disk!!!
I take it over to my laptop also running XP Pro SP3 - won’t read the disk. I try it on several machines - same result.

Thinking something was up with the DVD drive I try another DVD I’d burned and it read just fine. I tried a Movie DVD - read just fine. So the drive is working but just can’t read this disk. I even burned another DVD and again - burned just fine and I can see the data just fine.

I’m sure there is something simple here I’m missing but really would like to figure out how to read that disk I burned before the rebuild!!!

Thanks in advance!!!