Windows XP constantly rebooting



I can’t stop my computer from rebooting. I have tried pressing F8 as advised but when i try to start in Safe Mode, I press enter and it immediately reboots. I have try all options available, ‘last best configuration’ etc and it just keeps rebooting. I have tried putting the Windows recovery CD in but it never gets to a stage where it can be used. I apologise if this question is somewhere among existing threads. I did look but couldn’t see it anywhere. :slight_smile:


do you have any errors coming up and did you recently install anything on your computer?


I’ve not recently installed anything. A message says something on the lines of ’ sorry fo inconvenience…couldn’t start… possible hardware or sofware problem’. Everything i’ve read about this problem says just to start in Safe Mode but none seem to envisage that it may not be possible!


do you have the options like safe, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompts, last know best configuration, start windows normally, and if you have these let when this screen name comes up let it just sit there and windows at the bottom should be counting down, just let it count down and see if an error pops up


and i can tell you i just had the same problem, literally last nite only thing is i had an error come up, “missing or corrupt file - system32\drivers
tfs.sys” i just recently installed a harddrive, more ram and a dvd rewriter, what i did was, you have to find the Windows Memory Diagnostic test, download that and run the test, make sure you print the user manual before you shut down the computer

read the "am i totally f**ked?!?!?!?!?! thread in the newbie forum you will see what i went through


Might have to boot to a dos prompt, reformat, and reinstall. Before that, try booting to a dos prompt with cd support, and see if you can reinstall windows. It might work.


Yes, they’re the very options i have. I think the time has run out previously without any option chosen and it just rebooted. I will try that again though, thanks. The only problem is once i leave work(!) i can’t get onto the internet so sould you give me any other options if that doesn’t work? Thanks.


find a floppy in work and download the test, print the manual to its about 11 pages, what it does is check your ram so if you only have one ram card and that test reports errors then you know you have to replace or repair(i dont know if they can be repaired im guessing there), if you have more then one ram card and the test can detect which one is faulty it tells you which one, if it cant specify, you have to try the trial and error, take out one, try to reboot, if you get the same error, put it back in, take out the other and reboot, then it should work

now if the test doesn’t report any errors, i cant help you there, best bet is to call microsoft or the vendor of your computer, but if you didnt buy XP from them i dont think they will help you, atleast thats what gateway told me


Thanks for your help. I’ll post later with how i got on with it.


no problem, more then 1 person shouldnt have to go through this lol :slight_smile:


Go to Start\Run and type MSCONFIG if you can boot into windows. Click on STARTUP tab and uncheck all items. Apply and reboot PC. Check for problem. You can recheck each item in MSCONFIG later.


Helo, i’ve managed to sucesfuly bot the cmputer! i presed f8 and run it from the e drive and reinstaled window. thanks for al help. Only trouble now is that my keyboard won’t write two consecutive same leters…i’m not that bad a speler! Any ideas on that? or should i start a new thread!!


It’s worth a reformat/reinstall when you significantly change your config. If it were just video then definitely, just a DVD probably not, but peripherals add up in the life of windows. I’d also try a scandisk to make sure you don’t have bad sectors. Chances are it was just the corruption of a critical file (or perhaps a virtual memory corruption), but it’s better to be safe. I’d recommend a scandisk followed by a reformat and reinstall, in the long run you’ll save time over trying to rebalance your system.