Windows XP confusion

ALright heres the deal, i got my computer about 2 years ago, it came with the Windows XP disk and the serial #(on a sticker on the computer), now it came to pass that i needed to reinstall windows, so without thinking i removed the sticker from my case so i chould type in the serial #, then i put the sticker in my drawer in safe place, unfortunatly my mother cleaned out my drawers and threw away the sticker with the serial #, so later i needed to reinstall windows, so i used my Windows XP disk to reinstall , but not having a serial # i used the serial # off of my grandmothers computer, now that be fine because i was fine with reinstalling windows XP every 30 days, but now i need to activate it, but im fearing activating it with my grandmothers serial, it fails with the internet activation,

so i was wondering can i activate windows over the phone while using my grandma’s serial #? will it work if i tell them i got a new computer or changes components, so i reinstalled windows? since i used my windows XP disk will using a different serial # effect the activation? and is there any other problems that may arise from this?

People on this forum are re-installing XP on a regular basis & some of them must have legit copies & nobody has reported any problems with re-activation.

Just do it.

ihavenoclue nothing to worry about! Just reactivated on the Net the same way you did it the first time with the new number and that’s it your XP is activated again.

First of all no using your grannys number is not allowed. By the end of this year Windows Genuine Advantage is not going to be an option, in fact it’s installed as part of an update now. Which means you or your granny will eventually get the pirated software warning and have the updates stopped.

Finally someone that wont rip off a granny :clap: If you lost the cdkey contact the manufacturer of the pc and tell them what happened they might replace the key or offer you a new one at a reduced price.

How old is the PC?

slayer your advice would work for a retail version of XP but this is OEM. Hence my question ihavenoclue. As support for XP on your PC is with the manufacturer of the PC. Contact them and see what they say.

If all else fails guilt trip mother into buying you a new version.

Moral of the story: Always keep a back up copy of all yuor serial numbers somewhere else. I keep my windows no and my pc serial no in the manual, they even created a space for it, and writen down in an address book.

think about what you just said. Why would the manufacturer replace a cdkey for a retail version of xp? what manufacturer gives out a retail version of xp with their machines? none…
of course they can replace cd keys if you lose the sticker although you are not supposed to remove it, but it is probably going to cost him, although not as much as buying a new oem version.

They may be able to re-generate his serial with his hardware key?

Before the days of recovery partitions manufacturers did give a OEM XP disc with their PCs. Microsoft will not provide support for OEM copies of XP, you have to go to the manufacturer of the PC for support. Therefore contacting Microsoft in this situation is unlikely to provide results.

I did have a copy of XP home retial and contacted MS and their first question when I asked for support was: “Is this a retail or OEM version of XP home?” I said it was retail and asked what the difference was, their reply was they only provide support for retail copies of the OS, not OEM.

It is the original posters fault for removing it, and as such they will have to pay for that mistake.

I did miss the age of PC in the first post that was my mistake.

Exactly. But I didn’t say contact microsoft did I;). M$ would tell him to bugger off and buy a new copy. I said contact the manufacturer of the pc.

I hate when they change their dam posts annoys the shit out of you when you answer and the question changes.

Misread your post sorry.

yes i am a dumbass for not writing down the serial,and i shouldnt rip-off my grandma, i go tthis computer about 4 years ago as a present so i dont even know the manufacturer, i think jsut some hole in the wall, but thanks for your help, i think though i may just buy a new computer, this ones showing its age and heck the newcomputer will have windows, guess ill just reinstal every 30 days till i get a comp :frowning:

Nah I say guilt trip mother it is satisfying to do. Only downside is they are better at it, must be the years of experience :bigsmile:

All this oem crap is a big rip-off by MS, if you build your own computer, then upgrade it a part or 2 at a time, you can reactivate it forever, you paid for the right to use that copy of windows. Everytime MS has gone to court over their software, they lose or settle out of court. Losing your number is however an “unforgivable” sin.

it’s stuck on there for a reason, so you don’t loose it :iagree:

I kept my windows 95 # and 98 # for years after I had upgraded. I recently trashed them.

sorry rbrtpl, that wasn’t meant for you, it was meant for the OP :cool:

eBay them :bigsmile:

If you’ve got the original XP disc as you say then I see no moral problem in using grandma’s serial no.
Currently there’s no check done on this by Microsoft so the risk of it being flagged is remote.
There are probably millions of users with illegal copies of XP & they don’t have an morality issues with doing it. Yours is a legit copy so I don’t see an issue.

Incorrect Tim the WGA is part of an update now, it doesn’t even ask you it just installs. Therefore it will get flagged, and I am not talking theoretically here, it has happened to a couple of friends of mine, luckily they got their PCs from a small manufacturer and contacted MS about it, and they got replacements.

i’ve heard of ppl on a football forum i go on not even getting to upgrade to WMP11 because of having either a duplicate serial or a key generated serial, as i said before the safest place for the serial number is stuck to your tower, i can’t really believe that someone would peel it off just to type it in,

or this is just a ploy about a guy using a friends/relatives/key gen serial and now trying to say he lost it and trying to find a way around it.

if i’m wrong, i apploigse.