Windows XP CD recording engine updated

I just posted the article Windows XP CD recording engine updated.

If you currently have troubles with your CD-R drive and WindowsXP then it might be worth to visit Windows Update.

You will find there an update that should solve your problems. Be sure to read…

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winxp seems like a can of worms, or “bugs” as MS likes to call them.

Can of worms my ass. It’s fast, super stable and more compatible and feature packed than any other operation system in existence. Every software has bugs, fortunately, Windows users have a professional team of programmers dedicated to constantly turning out any fix or compatibility necessary. Have a problem with linux? Oh, well, then you have to either get a compatible piece of hardware or wait months until some weekend warrior finds time to write a fix for the software. Hell, he will do it when he wants, it’s not like you paid him for the software.

This is kinda old news - I have this update since October 26, and I bet I wasn’t the 1st to download it.

Well one of the reasons why i don’t like XP is, as fb- just said, that it’s so “feature packed”… I don’t wan’t ms to install/integrate a burning app in the OS nor a firewall… :frowning:

I agree with Froglegz, we need the option of selecting what components we want installed to conserve some file space and also so that less shit runs that wastes memory and cpu time. But if one is desperate enough to get rid of MSN Messanger or the stupid firewall, there are always third-party utilities/hacks to rid of their crap.

The firewall is off by default. MSN is easily removed without hacks. You can turn off almost anything you want under services.

I have to agree with fb there is a ton of features non of which you are required to use. You don’t want the firewall don’t use it, don’t want to use the built in burning utility then don’t…simple as that. But as a tech i find it very usefull when a client calls and they lost their burning software or they got a burner off of a friend or whatever with no software and they want to burn with XP. Well guess what folks for the very basic to average user these built in programs just saved them money and hassle. I personally do not use these features either but I don’t consider myself basic or average user.

Amen brother

Geez, you think that any friggin computer that is fast enough to run XP would have more than enough hard drive space to handle the small aps that are built in. Stop whining man, people like me and you will of course download the best burner programs and firewall programs and disable the built in crap, but for the average compuyter user who knows squat how to do this stuff it is a godsend. Bought a burner? Just hook it up and you can use your CD like a floppy (no confusing DirectCD/EAsy CD creator interface). Many people have difficuly using icq or aimster, plus there are quite a few instant messaging programs out there. I hate having like 3 instant messaging programs installed since my friends all use different ones. Well now everyone is starting to use MSN messenger, and although I like ICQ better, MSN messenger is easier to use, handy for launching video phone and voice calls, etc. Those of you who like Linux and the incoveinnce but efficiency of it can stick with it. But, I’ll give MS their props, windows 2000 and its successor Windows XP are to very good OS’s that continue to show signs of imrpovement. So stop whining, and remember that this actually is a HUGE step for the majority of computer users, not us, we are the minority since we know are way around pretty good.

I had XP on for about 2 hours untill it crashed :r. I went back to Win2K. In 18 months it only crashed 6 times (mostly my fault :+)I’ll wait for XP-SE before I try it again.:4