Windows XP Can Secure Music

I just posted the article Windows XP Can Secure Music.

A new copyright system is under development @ microsoft:

A new digital media security solution developed by Microsoft provides protection for content owners while excluding other digital…

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I have got windows me and I havn’t had aproblem playing any music files yet. Anyway someone will have a crack/patch out before the officiall release of Windows XP anyway :4

Yea think so too… if it’s turned out now, it can be turned out later… Anyway i don’t think may artists will use this new solution…

So they want to control the software AND hardware we use…I think not.

MS Sucks ;)! They always try to do something big but they always fuck everything up!:8

Microsoft :r wants to take over pc-world. I don’t think that they’ll succeed, at least I hope… Until that time, keep on downloading music and keep on burning… :8

don’t use xp or use linux:4

uuuum well, experts say that eventually Linux -will- become the OS of the future, after winshit makes it far more user friendly or they themselves make it so, aah well, why do we need XP anyways? it’s new hardware, winscrew will prolly kill the processor or something, Linux will do it so you’ll have full control, so get Linux