Windows XP auto-insert-notification

Hi there.

I’m having a problem:

On most Windows XP computers, I observe the following:

[li]In “My Computer”, for every CD/DVD drive, for the disc currently inside, the correct icon and label is displayed, along with the size of the disc.
[/li][li]When an explorer window is in a folder inside a CD/DVD, and the disc is ejected, the explorer window closes.

On my computer, things are not working so well:

[li]In “My Computer”, for every CD/DVD drive, the icon and label displayed are that of the disc that was in when Windows started (or the default icon and label if no disc was in) - changing the disc or removing it doesn’t change that (even after a refresh with F5). The size displayed is size of the current disc, though.
[/li][li]When an explorer window is in a folder inside a CD/DVD, and the disc is ejected, the explorer window remains open, and when trying to do something in that window afterwards, Windows complains there is no media.

I looked around a bit, and read that such problems have to do with the automatic insert notification (AutoRun, etc.). Yet, I played a lot with those settings (in TweakUI, the registry, drive properties, and group policy), and although I can control whether AutoRun will start or not, it doesn’t affect the described behaviour.

This behaviour is the same with both my two physical drives (a TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-M1712, and a LITEON CD-RW LTR-52246S) and my two virtual drives (which I can eject and load using the utility program - DaemonTools or Alcohol 120%).

Any ideas? Attached is the output of Nero InfoTool on this computer, just in case it may help.

– Tom

Could not have put it better myself. I am having the exact same problem that alsbergt has outlined.

Has anyone else come accross this or found a solution?

I have an HP Pavilion ZT3000 with a Sony DVD+RW DW-P50A Firmware Rev. 1.8e.


Wow, that was fast :slight_smile:

I fixed this problem on my machine by updating the firmware on my Sony Drive to 1.8f.

I’d recommend doing the same on your machines…I believe it more or less causes XP to reinstall the drive as a new device which may be the answer to this problem.



/me joins club with plex708a (master) & NEC DV5800C (slave)

oh and also, apart from those problems that alsbergt mentions, the contents of the disc is also affected, they dont change even if i change discs (it says error reading CD sector etc)

oh yeah, forgot to mention, CDs dont auto-start on all 3 of my drives (even if one is external)

and i have apart from the 2 drives mentioned , i also have a ASUS 5224A (external)

Yeah, same problem here. I have all autorun / autoplay commands off as i don’t like a disc to start up automatically. But if i change the cd in the drive, and open up windows explorer, the contents of the previous disk are shown. It’s a small problem, but an annoying one if you have to change cds a couple of times without restarting windows xp. This problem affects all my physical and virtual drives. Any solution would be appreiated. :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley:

this may help you :smiley: (but it didnt work for me :frowning: );en-us;314939

While i was playing around with the problem, i found that - if i put a 2nd cd into the same drive, started up explorer, closed the cd-tray and clicked on the cd-drive icon, and then pressed F5 while the cd was loading - the disc contents would change. If i waited for the disc to load and then pressed F5, the previos disc’s contents would still be shown.

At least that will overcome the problem for me until i find a permanant fix.

Add me to this list - my other drives (DVD-readers) were fine, but my NEC ND-2510A v2.15 does this…