Windows XP and Vista problem

I made a double boot on my laptop with XP Home on one partition and Vista on an other.

Now I want to remove Vista.
But how can I do this safely withoud the loss of my XP and how do I remove the option that I get when I start the pc to choose between XP and Vista?

I found a way on the net to fix the MBR with your XP cd and then you can just remove the vista partition.

But the problem with this is that you need the original XP cd to do that.
But I don’t have that cd because it’s an ACER laptop and all that came with it is a recovery dvd.

Can somebody help me please?

Doesn’t the recovery CD bring it back to like day one ? If it does then it would remove current Operating system and put it back like you just got it. Meaning without Vista.

Booting from an XP CD is the only way AFAIK. Can’t you “borrow” one somewhere? Then fixboot & fixmbr in recovery console will fix it. There will still be some traces left though (in boot.ini for example), but they shouldn’t cause any problems.

I could use the recoverycd but I don’t want to loose XP in it’s current state.

I’ve tryed booting with a borrowed XP Pro cd but I cant’ get in to recovery console.
Probably because I have XP Home?
And I don’t know anyone wth the Home version.

Any other ideas?