Windows XP and Safedisc troubles fix

I just posted the article Windows XP and Safedisc troubles fix.

Foul used our newssubmit to tell us that Microsoft has a fix available for Windows XP that should solve problems when
trying to play SafeDisc protected games.

The problem is that when…

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NO the fix is to call up the manufacturer and demand a playabel CD-ROM :8

Who the f*ck uses “Fast User Switching” anyway ?? This computer is mine, and I’ll snap the spinal cord on anyone who try to use it… (In other words: Only my Girlfriend have got access to my computer beside myself)

You let your girlfriend touch it? :slight_smile:

Yes I do… I remember one day when 2GB of MP3’s just vanished… “I was bored” was her explaination. Now, she’s under strict observation… Got my fingers ready to hit WinKey+L at any time…

LOL :4 this is really funny

To Ljugtomten’s Girlfriend: U GO GIRL. Thats the right attitude :slight_smile: 2GB Mp3, wauw, that’s a hell lot of mp3 to delete :slight_smile: Shit happends :slight_smile: