Windows xp and liteon and nero

Hey here is a really weird problem I am having I am using windows xp and nero burning rom version and a liteon 32x burner. When I want to copy a disc, I can’t burn at 32x speed unless the source media is 32x media. If it is 24x media or less then my burner only goes up to 24x speed but if I manually copy the files off of the cd then I can burn at 32x this doesn’t happen to me in windows 2000 why is this happening???

The Lite-On 32x and 40x have a feature called smart burn. this feature reads the atip information of your cd-r. if the cd-r can not handle speeds of 32x then the drive will not allow it to burn at that speed with out you disableing the feature. This it to make sure that you get a quality burn. Lite-On has a little utillity called
Smart Burn Media check. This porgram will allow you to check the atip info of the disc before you even start the burn and you
can see the max burn speed of the CD-R before you even start the burn.

I am aware of that I was not asking about burning faster than a rated speed I was asking about burning AT the rated speed and why I can’t using win xp pro and latest version of nero if my source media is slower than my destination media.