Windows XP and its updates/fix

Well a little tech question about winxp and others O.S of this “nice” company :wink:

I want to integrate each updates/fixes of windows xp into a windows xp installation files. How can I do that? Only is possible integrate service packs on installation files of windows xp?

try this

Ok it is not exactly I searched but it can be useful for installing a lot of updates without internet connection each time I will install windows xp.


or this could helpunattended xp cd

very interesting guide… but I prefer using Norton ghost to install Operative Systems.

I will install Windows XP and then I will use “autopatch util” from your link and will make an image of ghost.

Each time Windows XP crash (rarely crash), in five minutes I will have a new Operative System ready and clean.

It is a nice tool Norton ghost, very recommended for who break its computer usually as mine :smiley:

XPCreate is what you need. and the msfn forum will help you to de the rest.

That was I was exactly searching… Thanks man :wink: