Windows XP activation technology revealed

I just posted the article Windows XP activation technology revealed.

King Nothing pointed us to an article on C|net about the Windows XP activation technology. According to a study done by a german copy-protection company the software does not invade anybody’s…

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I especially think that the winxp activation is already cracked despite MS changed their activation system, and that it will definitly be cracked in final version :4

Guys, only the Home Edition has the activation process… Stop Freakn.

In Italy also the Pro version require it.

LAME as hell. Are MS totally brain dead or is it just me. The hardware pieces they chose are among the most likely to be changed. Harddrives - they’re getting bigger and bigger every year rappidly and store demand is getting bigger fast. Graphics Cards - Games are requiring these to be updated pretty frequently. Network card - who says I have a network card? CD-Rom - Burners are getting faster and faster every time I sneeze, mine’s not going to last long.

strooperman, Also the PRo version has the activation crap. Only Corporate Editions come with a serial that doesn’t require activation. There will be a leak of a serial number from a Corparate Edition that works on other editions, thus not requiring activation. It happened to Office XP, so it also will happen to Windows XP.

My Bad. I am not looking forward to that. Nor all the broken software that comes along with XP

Damned, I just read on that M$ blacklisted the Office XP key in the latest build of Windows XP (2509), so that Corporate key won’t work anymore in the future :c

Basically if you decide to upgrade your entire computer system or buy a completely new one, the key will be useless because it remembers the fingerprint of your old system? Now how come this sounds fucked up? :r In a world where computer technology get faster, better and cheaper, Ill have new components by the end of next year… Now this cant possible work, can it? :frowning:

WHO GIVES A FUCK? just coz gates updates his ‘bug-compilation with added spyware’ dont mean everybody needs to install it! think about this, i used to run a 66mhz pc with win311, now i run 98 on a 300Mhz machine and the desktop is SLOWER. IS THAT FUCKED-UP OR WHAT? IF YOU REALLY WANT SOME NEWS THEN HOW ABOUT THIS - SuSE-LINUX 7.2 is now available!!! NO REG-KEYS OR SERIALZ NEEDED :4

If Windows XP wants to look at my hardware and generate a key it should go no further than my floppy drive. I’ve had it for 7 years through all my upgrades.

I think that this is so intrusive that we would be well advised to byapss it for our own safety :wink:

I think I have a coporate version because XP never asks me to activate, and the program to activate is removed from the desktop. Also, I read on a sight how to run the activation program from a command-prompt and it said that Windows XP was already activated. But I never activated it. Also, I downloaded a program that was suppose to display information about my activation and it said that this copy appears to be a coporate or OEM version. I know it’s not OEM because it didn’t come with the computer. My copy is a $7.00 copy from a University. It appers not to beed activation but I can’t tell for sure.

I built a budget pc for my wife 2 weeks ago. I installed a legitimate purchased copy of Win XP Home OEM. My wife activated via the internet. The very next day the motherboard died. It was subsequently replaced, but now Microsoft are telling me that it is not the original pc & I am using an unauthorised copy of Windows! I am now left with a £60 coffee cup coaster! Is there anything I can do, apart from installing Linux? :frowning: