Windows XP: A struggle to get things done

I just posted the article Windows XP: A struggle to get things done.

How do you get XP to look just like W2k in not just the Desktop. Away with IE, Outlook and in with Opera.

Actually, all of these things are to some extent true. As RC1 drew closer it was becoming…

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Get the devilsown corp iso with no activation. Don’t like a feature? Turn it off in services. Quit whining. If you think it’s too difficult to switch or reconfigure something like auto-update in services, then try installing a modem in linux. HAHA

Hahaha!!! This guy seems to have real problems with his computer. Shouldn’t laugh i know but hey, laughing is good for you :slight_smile: I’m just waiting for WinXP server to come out. Till them I’m sticking with Win2k server. :slight_smile:

Modems under Linux is quite easy with the new distributions.

I dont know why we must always be against Microsoft as a principle, we all know that Gates is a monopolist, we know that windows 98 is pure crap that MS-DOS was already prehistory when released, but nevertheless the development team that started the NT project has done a fairly good job (infact they started from the scratch not from Win95), now XP is the latest evoulution of this product line which brings about two really important and uderstimated features: User switching and remote desktop connection, things that only UNIX was featuring until now. The rest like the rage against the firewall and against the not proven spyware are only crap said by people that feel trendy with LINUX. All this features are disablable and most of them are disabled BY DEFAULT

le_grimpeur - You just haven’t sean the light yet. Some of us have. But you sure make a point. But it cannot be said too often.