Windows XP 64bit



I was just wondering if anyone has used the 64bit WIndows XP version? Its just that when I built my PC, at the timeI ws purchasing my components the store only had the EMT64 Intel P4 3.2Mhz chip,so I bought it (cause I’m impatient).

Currently I am using XP professional, and I don’t know if my processor type is a disadvantage if not running a 64bit OS…and would I see much advantage if I did switch to a 64bit OS…


I’m running the 64bit windows xp (I think lol) I don’t notice much difference from friends comp’s that aren’t running 64bit.

actually even on a 32bit windows you can get a speed improvement (I think) but I have never heard of a speed decrease or problems from such things.


Steffche at the moment I don’t think there is any noticeable speed improvements by running the 64bit XP, to a normal XP. to use the full potential of your 64 bit Intel or AMD CPU not only do you need the operating system 64 bit compatible but the programs running on your computer also need to be written for the 64 bit chip. It’s only when you are running a Linux OS that you will notice any advantage and increase in speed by using a 64 bit CPU.


Thanks…I thought so…


There’s indeed very little 64bit (consumer) software for Windows available, so you won’t really profit a lot from the 64bit extensions. That’s too bad… as 64 bit software can, in some situations, give an enormous boost in performance. For now, XP64 isn’t that interesting. I think I’ll install it next time I need to reinstall my Windows system, but I wouldn’t want to spend much time on reinstalling everything because of XP64…