Windows worst problem!

The first time I installed WinXP Pro it was over WinME, it worked great. After a long time for several reasons I formatted the HDD and installed WinXP Pro from bottom. Many months passed, no problems with WinXP until one beauiful day while I was playing Unreal the system suddenly halted in the most strange way I’ve ever seen in a computer, everything was not there anymore, the system had COMPLETLY halted, appeared random wide and narrow bands of several colors on the screen, the only that could be heard was the sound of the CPU fan, the HDD was not working, no sound from the speakers, no reaction to any key, not even CTRL-ALT-SUPR, nothing. I had to restart the system.
Since I was trying new unofficial DetonatorXP drivers, I thought it could have been that. Long time passed til it started to happen again last week, but this time from nothing, else some times when turning off, Windows obly turned off the monitor, not the CPU. I decided to format the HDD once again and install WinXP from bottom. I did. I had just installed WinXP, I was still using the default Microsoft drivers for my nVidia Riva TNT2 card and it happened again.
This time I thought it could be my cell phone near the CPU (I had noticed some disturbs on the monitor when the cell phone is active or receiving a call), but that is not the problem either.
So I’m asking all of you out there whether someone has seen this before. If so, what is the problem???
This is my actual system (a little old):

Intel Pentium III 800MHz EB 256KB cache L2
C-Media 8738/C3DX on-board
nVidia Aladdin/RIVA TNT2 on-board
Sis 900 Ethernet on board
PCTel HSP56 Micromodem on-board
Fujitsu 20GB HDD (2 partitions, 10GB each, WinXP on the first one)
Creative CD5233E CDROM drive
HP CDWriter+ 9100i Burner
Panasonic FDD
WinXP Pro Corporate
Office XP Professional w/FrontPage (Only Word, PowerPoint and Producer installed)
MusicMatch Jukebox 7.1
NO ASPI layers installed
Unreal Tournament 436 with 4 Bonus Packs
PowerToys for WinXP
Windows Messenger 4.6
Cool Edit Pro 2
Kazaa Lite 1.7.1
Winamp 2.80
Winzip 8.1
nVidia DetonatorXP 29.42 (23.11 earlier and happened too with this one) WHQL certified
CMedia drivers ver 6.37 WHQL certified
PCTel Modem drivers ver. non-WHQL (works great)

Any help will be widely appreciated, thanx.

Looks like you have everything in order here…but you may want to try different video drivers (had a friend’s system blank out all the time while trying to use new Detonators on an original Riva).
Also, the next time ya format that H.Drive, try using Maxtor’s Powermax utility before the deed. How bout your BIOS? I’d stay with Default Settings there, and then adjust things one by one just to see Windows reaction to them.

You may want to take a look at your power supply, a real good one…is it a 300 or better

power supply or motherboard or video card.

ive heard a few vid cards start to act crazy when they are about to blow.

is it over clocked in any way ?

try underclocking it.


P.S - i just realised this was my 300th post…and what a beauty it was.

Your system Event Viewer should provide a detail log of any problems with your system. It should identify the device at fault. Off the top it sounds like a possible heat issue but more probable an IRQ conflict involving your video card. Take a look at what other hardware shares the IRQ with your video card, you might want to change some slot locations.
Also, quite a few pwople I know experienced problems with the newer drivers and the older cards. The 23.11 seems to be the most stable.

Well, the power supply is ok, more than 300W… IRQ’s are ok too, no conflicts. It’s weird since it didn’t use to happen before…
The video card is not overclocked, once I tried to do it, a long time ago, but it kept restarting, I guess it overheated :stuck_out_tongue: now it’s at normal speed. And the Event log does not show anything at all that could look non-normal.
I’ll check up and see what happens, thanx for everything all of you :wink:

Does it hang when you’re starting any application that uses DX or OpenGL in any way? Like media player with the funky visualizations, or screen saver, or some game?

I had a problem where my PC would hang with no aparent reason, other than I just leaving it idling around doing nothing, or start listening to music, or anything. Even with no screensaver, just leaving it 10 minutes doing nothing would hang it. In XP and 98SE.

I formatted the HD, re-installed both OS’s, and the same would happen… I thought it would be the cpu (I had just started experimenting with how far I could take it with the new cooler), but even with safe settings in the BIOS it would hang.

Then I tried putting “hardware acceleration” in Windows to none, and it didn’t hang anymore… The whole time the problem was in my 3D card, which worked fine as long as no 3D was used (I guess it became a 2D card).

Try borrowing another graphic from someone… or maybe even memory. The error can be caused by what you least expect.

go back to detnator 29.32 the new 29.42 gave the same problem you had on my g4 ti 4400 and xppro i stay whith 29.32

Originally posted by cicotte
go back to detnator 29.32 the new 29.42 gave the same problem you had on my g4 ti 4400 and xppro i stay whith 29.32

Heh… when I had this error the drivers where still in 26.XX, or 28.XX. It was sometime ago :slight_smile:

Ups! just realized you where talking to ShadowBlaster… but still, he referred the problem happened with 23.11…

i really think this is a bug in xp as it happens to me sometimes too. i can be in the middle of playing any game and the system will just restart for no reason at all. most of the time it just stops hangs for a second or two then restarts. 50% of the time i have to restart myself but most times it just does it itself:a

Well… I tried everything. And somehow it has been working well…
I openned the CPU cabinet and checked everything, bad-plugged cables, jumpers configurations, etc… I found something, the IDE1 cable was no well-plugged, that was all I found in there.
I turned on the machine on, and it worked fine for some hours, but then it happened again, I guess the cable had nothing to do with it. Anyhow I installed Undying, and started to play, then it hanged but in a different way, this time I knew the cause of this problem was the video drivers, the image froze and it kept playing a 0.5sec loop over and over… I installed the 23.11 drivers back again, the game works fine now… and 'til now, the has not been any problem, this happened before yesterday. I’m still aware since I had the problem with the 23.11 before.
BTW, where do I deactivate Hardware Acceleration in Windows Pete?? do you mean the HW Accel in WMPlayer? or does it have to do with the whole Windows?

Originally posted by ShadowBlaster
BBTW, where do I deactivate Hardware Acceleration in Windows Pete?? do you mean the HW Accel in WMPlayer? or does it have to do with the whole Windows? [/B]

Right-click on the desktop->Properties->Settings->Advanced->Troubleshooting

But if you take it to the minimum, you’ll have no 3D support anymore, the graphics card will be on 2D only. This was how I came to the conclusion that the problem was with the card itself, not XP or drivers.

It might be just the drivers in your case, because with me nothing that involved 3D would run more than 5 seconds without XP crashing. Or 98SE. No matter which drivers I installed.

If it still doesn’t work, try swapping the graphic with some friend of yours for a little while, to see if it happens again.