Windows won't start when iHAS524A is connected!

Hi! I’ve just bought the iHAS524-A and I cannot use it! If I connect it to either one of the 2 SATA ports on my motherboard, it is shown correctly along with my SATA Seagate HDD when I turn on the computer but then the windows won’t start. Actually, I can see the first Windows screen (the one with a black background) for a second or two, then the computer reboots. If I disconnect the Lite-on drive, everything works normally.


  • Gigabyte GA-7VT880 motherboard w. two SATA 1.0 ports
  • SATA Seagate HDD 500Gb jumper set to SATA 1.0
  • Windows XP SP3 with SATA drivers (Sorry, I don’t have more specific information and I don’t know where to look for it)

I have 3 other optical drives, all IDE, but it’s not too many of them, so to speak, because disconnecting one of them didn’t help.

My suspicion is that it’s a SATA 1.0 - SATA 2.0 compatibility issue as on the SATA wiki page my motherboard chipset VT8237 is mentioned as having an issue with SATA 2.0 drives. My HDD has a jumper allowing transfer rate setting at 150 Mb/s or 300 Mb/s, but the iHAS524 doesn’t.

What do you think?

As far as I remember, the VT8237 is not (fully) compatible with ATAPI drives but only works properly when HDDs are connected.

A working solution could be using an AddOn SATA card with a Silicon Image (SI) chipset for your iHAS524.

You mean, not compatible with SATA drives, I guess.

Thanks for the info. I might choose to buy a SATA-USB adapter though so that I can use the drive with my old laptop too (which has only a dvd-rom / cd writer). Any other trick I should be aware of in this case or any SATA-USB adapter should be just as good?

[QUOTE=Don Quichotte;2501016]You mean, not compatible with SATA drives, I guess.[/QUOTE]
I meant optical drives with an SATA connector :stuck_out_tongue: