Windows wont recognize se-s204

I have a samsung se-s204 that windows wont recognize. It’s only about 3 months old and has worked awsome the whole time…until now. I tried unplugging power/usb cords to no avail, tried rebooting the pc (xp, by the way) and it did not fix it. I tried using it with Convertxtodvd and Imageburn but neither works. Imagburn says there is no disc in the drive when there is. What else can I try? Thanks.


please try the drive with another computer.


If the drive doesn’t work when it’s connected to a different PC please return the drive to the shop where you bought it in order for it to be replaced.

If the shop for any reason doesn’t want to change the drive please drop a post again here.


I bought it on ebay. i got it working again…burned a few discs but now it says (on convertxtodvd) that there is a burn initialization failure. is that software or the drive? Unfortunatly I dont have access to another computer.

By the way thanks for responding guys!

Is it possible to succesfully burn a data-DVD using Nero?
Is the F/W version of the drive up to date?
If not you can download the latest version on --> [B][I]Firmware[/I][/B] --> [B][I]Firmware downloads[/I][/B] section.

Can you please post the error log of convertxtodvd after you’ve received the [I]initialization failure[/I] message?

I hope this is what you mean by error log: code 05 26 00 cant set write parameters mode page [ illeagal request invalid field in parameter list]

Its doing it intmittently… Now about every other disc the lightscribe only burns about half the label as well ( I posted over in the labeling forum about this one)