Windows won't read any images I burn to DVD (Please HELP)



I just got a new computer and found a very annoying problem.

When I back up a movie or burn an .iso or .img file to DVD or CD my computer says there is nothing on the disc. Even seconds after I just burned the dvd.

It will play fine in my DVD player and burning programs recognise that the disc is indeed full.

But windows itself won’t let me play the DVD or even explore the contents of the DVD.

It says

Free space 0

Total size 0

If i put the same DVD in my old computer it can read the DVD just fine and I can go in and explore contents of the DVD etc.

I have windows XP with SP2 and all the updates installed.

Any help would be appreciated.



Sounds like your new computer doesn’t have any DVD playing software installed. Install VLC Media Player (free program).


Thanks for the quick reply.

It’s not a dvd playing software issue as I am unable to see any of the contents of the burnt DVD, regardless if it’sa movie or game files.

I have VLC media player installed (great program by the way). I have no intention of watching a movie on my computer, that is not the problem.

The problem is I want (and should) be able to access the data that I just burnt on the DVD. Instead windows says it has nothing on it, yet at the same time it realizes that it’s no longer a blank dvd.


Hi Dj Eclipse, welcome :smiley:

Could be that your drive doesn’t like the media. Does this occur with only one brand, or several different brands? Some drives can be picky, others quite forgiving.

What drive(s) won’t read the discs? What’s the brand (or brands)?

Lastly, do you have Alcohol, Daemon Tools, or Nero InCD installed?


Thanks again for the quick reply.

It could be the media but it burns and plays back on the dvd player just fine. I will try older movies I’ve backed up on different media and see how it goes. Though it’s hapened with 2 different types of media and different brands. One was a CD and one was DVD.

So don’t think it’s the drive itself. If run it through nero it will tell me that the DVD is full etc. So it knows there is something on there. It’s just that windows says it;s empty and won’e let me access it.

The DVD burner is

16X DVD+/-RW Dual Layer With LightScribe But it doesn’t say what brand etc.

I have a trial version of alcohol installed, and nero 6.? But not sure if I have Nero InCD.

Why do you ask?

Is there some kind of setting in windows that wouldn’t allow me to view the contents of my burnt DVD or CD? I will burn a regular data DVD tonight and see if the same problem hapens.


Just throwing out ideas at the moment :)…Alcohol has been known to cause a few disc access problems, so that was why I suggested it. Might be an idea, just to temporarily uninstall it til this is sorted out…then if something else is causing it, you can reinstall it.

Trying a data DVD is a very good idea :iagree:

Let us know how you get on with that. :wink:


Ok, I will uninstall the alcohol trial program and see how it goes. (I was going to install deamon tools anyway).

I’ll also try a data DVD and see if it can read after.

Thanks for the help, I’ll let you know how it goes.



Well I don’t know what happened, i went home and everything seemed to be fine, I couldn’t duplicate the problem.

But there is another problemI can’t stand. I ahve a HP media computer and when ever I put in a disc for the first time the screen goes blue and says “detecting media please wait”. It pisses me off becasue I don’t want this. Is there any way to stop this form happening?